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Swedish Massage

INCLUDED UPGRADE: Aromatherapy is included at no additional charge. Let the Therapist know if you do not want any scents or if you are allergic.

Swedish Massage is a gentle type of massage that’s ideal for people who:

  • Are new to massage
  • Have a lot of tension
  • Are sensitive to touch


It can help release muscle knots, and it’s also a good choice for when you want to fully relax during a massage. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. This is also combined with movement of the joints by relieving muscle tension. Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing.

It involves a combination of:

  • Kneading
  • Long, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart
  • Deep circular motions
  • Vibration and tapping
  • Passive joint movement techniques

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, while popular, is one type of massage that is not for everyone. By looking at its benefits, you can decide if Swedish massage might be best for you.

Stress relief

Relieving stress is one of the most popular reasons for people to seek massages. In addition to personal testimonials, there have been many scientific studies done that show that those who receive massage therapy have lower stress levels and can handle stressful situations more effectively.


Stress relief and relaxation go hand-in-hand, and both are commonly known benefits of all types of massage. However, while stress is one cause of tenseness, which can be eased through Swedish massage, there are other causes of tenseness that must be addressed, as well.

Some people have physically demanding jobs that can cause muscle tension. Even you are not stressed because of the job, using, pushing, and straining muscles can cause tension, which can have negative effects on your health. Through Swedish massage muscle tension is eased, providing you with overall physical relaxation, which can, in turn, lead to mental and emotional relaxation.

Increased circulation

The movements used in Swedish massage are similar to the way the body circulates blood. Because of this, Swedish massage can promote healthy circulation, increase blood flow, and help the body remove metabolic waste more quickly and effectively. Better circulation not only helps you feel better but improves overall health since increased circulation means other organs can work more effectively.

Pain relief

Another major benefit of Swedish massage is pain relief. As the muscles are relaxed and circulation increased, the body is put at ease, and pain is relieved. Not only can Swedish massage be used to ease pain as a result of an injury or muscle tension, but it can also be used to manage chronic pain that comes with a number of illnesses and conditions, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. By decreasing pain, Swedish massage can help patients relax, which can improve overall health and recovery.